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    Human beings, the wisest creation of God, are gifted with qualities of  Humanity,  Love and Compassion right  from evolution of human history. These  progressive minds have  transformed themselves into the most powerful creature on  the earth. With his  Hand, Head and Heart man has created wonders. At the core  of his progress, inner spirit  has  been a continuous source of motivation.

          In recent times, a new global community has emerged with sheer  commercial  view and capitalistic attitude  crushing every aspect of humanity.  Technolised minds and  commercialized hearts have generated nothing more than havoc of restlessness, feeling  of  diffidence and increasing physical as well as  mental stress. Indeed, search of  spirituality has become need of the hour.

          India is known as “the land of saints, avatar, spiritual gurus, purity  and  spirituality.” This land with its people,  its soil with its culture encourage and  breed  spiritualism allowing every religion to thrive, flourish and prosper.  No wonders, this land  of Gods is said to be the cultural, religious and spiritual  hub  for the citizens of the world.

          This great land has produced many spiritual personalities who have  left  indelible impact on world history. The  soul, which has influenced the world  community  with his principles of truth and non violence needs no introduction-  The Mahatma, “ Father  of The Nation”, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, our very  own Bapu. Let’s  enlighten ourselves  with his spiritual teachings and learn the  lessons of spirituality to  transform ourselves into better human beings.


We Conduct various Courses, Lectures and Workshops on Gandhiji’s pious thoughts on spirituality and we also run Mahatma Gandhi Humanity Foundation.